Our Mission

AvatarTrader was built by gamers for gamers to enable us to quickly, easily and safely trade our game characters.
We're a Boulder, CO based startup and our mission is to make game trading fair, fast and fun.

How It Works



Choose the Avatar that you are currently playing then choose the type you want to play. We'll rank your character and match you with equivalent Avatars.



Select the Avatar that interests you and send an offer request to its owner. The owner will be able to review your offer and accept or decline it.



When an offer is accepted, we verify both game accounts to ensure their validity and availability. Once verified, both users are charged a flat fee.



After payment the game accounts are instantly swapped. Both parties are notified of the exchange and you can begin enjoying your new character.

  • I spent over a year building my WOW character and I'm ready for a new perspective on the game. ¬†Thanks to AvatarTrader, I can trade my account with one of hundreds of equivalent characters and continue to play the game at the same level.

Our Team

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AvatarTrader was born from my personal experience of getting scammed when trying to trade my character. Furious, I became passionate about making sure that never happens to anyone again. As gamers, we work hard to build our characters and we deserve to trade them in a safe and trusted environment.

Drop us a line and share your stories, needs, ideas and requests. We'll be happy you reached out and will be sure to respond quickly.

- Kyle